What’s Your Worth?


On Thursday February 9, 2018 The Regenerate, Inc. hosted a discussion forum for young professionals interested in Entrepreneurship and Business Development.

unnamed (2)With all the young people in this generation inspired to be their own bosses, it was incredibly necessary to get an inside look on all the hardships, struggles and rewards that come from business owning. A panel of intelligent young entrepreneurs came to share their insight. This panel included a variety of people (pictured above), from design and media to physical coaching.

-Panelist and Attendees Networking

Topics of the Event

Working with Friends and Loved Ones Marketing
Discovering your Net worth Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship
Setting Prices of Your Product/Service Getting Your Legal Papers in Order
Family Discounts Social Media Era and its Influence
unnamed (3)
-What’s Your Worth 2018

On the topic of Entrepreneurship, all panelist agreed that the most underestimate struggle of owning your own business is the amount of 1) dedication 2) patience 3) passion you have to have. Without a healthy balance of the three, your business will fail.

In a world focused on ‘overnight’ success and internet sensations,  panelist touched on the subject of the double-edged sword that is social media. Brooks Quality Images owner, Jerry Brooks, explained how beneficial social media can be when it comes to advancement. On the other hand, D1 Training Coach, Brandon Patton mentions how with exposure comes repercussions.

“In this day in age, you literally go on YouTube or Google and learn ANYTHING. It’s so important to capitalize on all of this free education that social media gives us because most new entrepreneurs are now becoming self-taught” -Jerry Brooks


“When you open up the doors of social media you are immediately allowing yourself to be judged. It takes one leaked video for your entire brand/business to be ruined. On top of that, everyone believes that you can become an overnight celebrity negating the work ethic that it takes to be an entrepreneur. The ones with that ethic will last in the long run” – Brandon Patton


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Thanks to all that came out to this amazing event! We all had a great time and learned so many valuable things!


-Photos courtesy of Miyako Studios
-Flyer courtesy of HD2 Technology


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