We are doing a health initiative!

We know how hard it is to stick to a routine, so we’ve developed something for beginners! This would be a challenge to transition to a healthier lifestyle that will highlight successes AND failures! Winners will not be judged on amount of weight loss or strength built but on how encouraging and involved they’ve been!

Health Flyer Promo 1 (1)

Here are the details!


We will have local fitness instructors posting tips throughout the challenge. We will be partnering with D1 Athletics and they will be opening their gym to us every Saturday at 11:00am throughout the challenge. Power UAB (UAB campus fitness group) also joined us.

We were able to connect over 30 people through health and wellness!

click link below to see the recap video!


January 11, 2020- February 29, 2020


Social media based. Winners must do the following:

  • Participate from the beginning
  • Encourage at least 5 other participants (tag us in it)
  • Tag us in related post so we can keep score (meals, workouts, encouragement,
    failures etc.), at least once a day
  • Follow us and D1 Athletics 

Meal & Lifestyle suggestions below

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