incorporated since July 27, 2017

revive. restore. regenerate.

Our History

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Wesley Wright grew up fascinated with wrestling. He was even more enamored with the group Degeneration X, a wrestling staple in the 1990′ s that changed the face of cable television forever. They were composed of individual wrestlers from different divisions and used vulgarity, comedy, and sexual innuendos during a ratings war to become the most popular group of “degenerates” on TV. Seeing their impact Wesley thought, what if this was flipped for good? What if creatives utilized their individual gifts, except in a positive way?

Our Purpose

We strive to connect and develop the gifts of the world’s multigenerational and multicultural communities through innovative partnerships, mentorships, initiatives, outreach, and events.

The Regenerate Society, Inc. is a non-profit organization composed of creative servants seeking to unify the city of Birmingham, Alabama and surrounding areas by inspiring creativity, engaging the community, and supporting impactful causes that work toward the overall betterment of our society.


Unite Birmingham

be the bridge between the different sectors in the city and innovate collaborative teamwork

Provide a Platform

for the creative talents in the city that are not able to showcase their skills and work

Encourage the Youth

Give them something to look up to and a way to navigate to reach their goals. Show youth  in a better light and show how “new” doesn’t mean bad