The Creative Impact Developer (CID) strengthens our marketing capabilities and helps foster a creative culture that is focused on purposeful, sustained storytelling that connects with and attracts new audiences. The position accomplishes this through a respectful, constructive and energetic style, guided by the objectives of the organization. The Creative Impact Developer will join an inspired, experienced team that has developed expertise in many talented areas but remains curious about new strategies and communication platforms. As the organization becomes increasingly collaborative and projects no longer “owned” by an individual team member, the Creative Impact Developer will play a role in discovering innovative new strategies to help organizations collaborative creative efforts. Moreover, as the organization changes the model of working, the Creative Impact Developer will be integral in helping to develop new approaches towards that the creative can utilize rather than individual producers focused solely on one creative area. The Creative Impact Developer will collaborate across different functions within the Marketing department, and across different divisions within the organization.

Position. Employee shall be the creative manager and Creative Impact Developer for Employer with full power and authority to manage creative activities and photography/videography content in the direction of the organization’s goals, subject to review by the Chief Executive Officer of Employer.

Community. The CID must be in-tune with the surrounding community in order to service them with need creative initiatives. Paying key attention to the movements of the community, the CID must be able to not only connect to those involved, but also must be able to help provide creative opportunities where they are lacking. Working alongside Community Outreach Coordinator at times, the CID must be able to incorporate the organization’s creative resources into community initiatives that serve to cultivate the talent involved.

Resource Development. The CID must have a constant hand and eye in the community. Being open to travel, the CID is responsible for locating new properties, territories, performance venues, and other locations that aid in the organization’s creative agendas. The CID must also extend this outreach to creative resources needed such as lighting or audio/video needs.

Creative Network. The CID must be able to communicate the ideas of the brand to creative individuals that may be interested in helping the brand either as a member, volunteer, featured act, or sponsor. Connecting with creatives such as musical artists, visual artists, business vendors, etc., the CID must be always looking to establish relationships with new and emerging artists.


-Observe creative talent within the area and connect with them in order to establish a working relationship and connection under the organization.
-Travel and locate new creative venues and locations for possible utilization.
-Establish relationship between the Regenerate Society and other creative entities to collaborate on projects that serve the purpose of the organization.
-Develop innovative outreach programs that help the surrounding community both stimulate talent, as well as cultivate existing talent.

The Regenerate Society, Inc.
a non-profit corporation