The Director of Health & Wellness (DHW) is the lead coordinator and executor of the organization’s goals and values in the fields of mental and wellness of the body. The DHW’s main responsibility is to be aware of the values and ideals of the organization as well as the needs of the surrounding areas and communities and look to service those affected areas in ways that continue progressing the organization’s overall goals. Impact is the main goal that should be focused on by the DHW and achieving the greatest impact is should be the DHW’s task on levels (individual, community, and overall). Networking and connecting the organization with other highly reputable organizations is also a goal that should be focused on by the DHW to achieve the highest level of effectiveness.

Position. Employee shall be the health & wellness divisional manager for Employer with full power and authority to manage creative activities and physical and internal fitness-based content in the direction of the organization’s goals, subject to review by the Chief Executive Officer of Employer.

Community Fitness. The DHW is responsible for being a listening and responsible party in the field of health & wellness and any cause relating that fits the organization’s ideals and goals. The DHW will serve in watching and listening to what is taking place in the community and surrounding areas to see what efforts may be needed to encourage interest and passion in the areas of physical fitness, mental stability, internal wellness, and athletics.

Resource Development. The DHW must have a constant hand and eye in the community. Being open to travel, the DHW is responsible for locating new properties, territories, performance venues and other locations that aid in the organization’s wellness related agendas. The DHW must also extend this outreach to wellness resources needed such as equipment or professionals.

Community Network. The DHW serves as the principal resource between the Regenerate Society and other organizations that look to achieve the same impact in the surrounding communities. The DHW partners with the administrative staff to craft organizational goals and develop strategies to ensure that they are achieved. Employee ensures coordination and alignment of all the Regenerate Society’s activities to strategic direction in the areas of community health, physical fitness, mental fitness, athletics and the resources used to accomplish this.


  • Provide insight and direction to the organization in regard to where the focus of its communal health & wellness planning and strategies should direct.
  • Work with the Administrative Staff to develop and implement policies, procedures, and long- range strategic plans in health& wellness and physical fitness.
  • Create and design initiatives based around the visions and ideals of the organization and create plans that aid in the execution of such.
  • Work alongside the Chief of Member Development to forecast new goals and stimulate volunteer involvement in the execution of each goal.
  • Continue the upwards growth in relationship with other related organizations and the community

The Regenerate Society, Inc.
a non-profit corporation