Frequently Asked Questions

How to donate?

We accept donations through PayPal and Cash App (our Cash App name is $ThisisRSociety) Click the donate box above to donate to our secure SubSplash donation page: 

Can I write this off on my taxes?

Yes! Any donations to a non-profit can be written off on your taxes for that year

What is my money going toward?

All donations go toward the funding of future events for our non-profit unless specified to be going somewhere else. We honor integrity and can assure that the money donated will go to helping our organization run effectively so that we may positively and genuinely better the community

Do you take checks?

If checks are your only available form of donation, please email us so we can either schedule a meeting to pick it up or give you an address to send it to

Checks can be made out to The Regenerate Society, Inc.

Additional Questions

For any other questions, email or our CFO

March 25, 2020